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These Are The Days


Full Length, 9-track album by Colorway co-produced by Danny Bernini (Blondie, Stryper, Martin Sexton) and featuring Chris Collingwood (Fountains of Wayne/Look Park) on backup vocals. Packaged in LP-style recycled paper jacket (shrink wrapped)

All orders include full-color, vinyl Colorway sticker.

What people are already saying about the album:

“GREAT guitar throughout these nine, tight, non-overproduced songs. Very fluid and imaginative playing and Alex isn’t afraid to take chances. An excellent album.” —Tom Guerra, Vintage Guitar Magazine

“These Are the Days shows Colorway’s breadth, without stinting on depth […] a rock-solid collection of songs with catchy hooks, taut riffs and hard-won wisdom.” –Eric R Danton, Listen, Dammit (Paste/Pitchfork/Rolling Stone)

“Well worth checking out.” –Punk Globe

“A tight unit whose brand of amiable pop-rock is captured here in clean, crisp recordings.” –Music Connection Magazine

“Again, a brilliant example of fresh, unpretentious melodic—great guitar—and on and on . . . rock of today.” –-Lord Litter, Radio Marabu, Germany

“This record sounds f*cking great! Sounds like you’re channeling Golden Earring . . . which is f*cking sweet.” –Chris Collingwood

“Their third album is their strongest yet . . . songs you want to drive to on a summer day . . . songs to put a smile on your face.” —Lauren Daley, Southcoast Today/The Boston Globe

“Alex’s guitar playing is exceptional, and the whole vibe is positive and fun–well done!” —Morgan Fisher, Mott the Hoople/Queen

“The nine tunes here showcase his ability to craft hooky pop-rock tunes and fill them with his always inventive guitar work.” –Sheryl Hunter, Greenfield Recorder